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General Waste Disposal, Recycling & Waste Services

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Over the years we have helped and guided many businesses with their general waste disposal. By reducing waste from going in to landfills and by recycling more of the waste they produce. We can cater for specific waste disposal, recycling and waste requirements providing a tailor made waste and recycling solution for your business needs.

In the Eco age we all now live in, there has been more emphasis on businesses aiding and doing more for the environment. Customers are taking great interest and are keen to learn that businesses are taking a responsible active approach to the recycling of the waste they produce.

Recycling waste materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, cans, polythene sheeting, polystyrene, plastic cups, glass bottles & jars and for businesses which require confidential waste shredding services for sensitive and personal documents.

These are the attributes which customers want to know are in operation and in turn being recycled – Southern Waste do all this and are here to help your general waste disposal targets whatever they may be.